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A new era of leadership, a space where leadership development meets behavioural insight meets team performance.

Quarter by Quarter is not your average planner. Using our Perform profiling tool, we provide you with bespoke behavioural insights to level up your productivity.

Designed with powerful female leaders in mind, The Elevator Retreat creates a highly strategic and result focussed space specifically for high output, ambitious business women.


Duo Global Consulting, founded in 2014, is the business behind the Perform brand.

Having been running for over 10 years, and with over 50 years combined consulting experience, we have tried and tested different approaches and training initiatives to support our clients with creating leadership development that not only drives lasting change but that delivers measurable performance increases and business impact.

We know that to do this, driving change at a behavioural level is essential. The mix of people in every business is different, and there is no one size fits all solution. Therefore, for leaders to have real impact and drive up performance, they must understand the unique behavioural motivations and drivers of their team, and then manage accordingly.

Outside of the Perform platform, our team continues to provide bespoke consulting services and training to leading organisations worldwide, enabling us to ensure Perform is always up to date with the latest, and most effective, leadership insights in an ever changing work environment.

We continue to grow our knowledge so we can grow your leaders to ultimately grow your business.

Driving Change


We are committed to designing human experiences that deliver meaningful impact in the form of quantifiable results.

Whether the interaction is human or digital, we are committed to designing experiences that deliver meaningful impact in the form of quantifiable results.

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OUR Values

We reach our purpose through living our three core values every day.

Value human connection

We understand that behind every data point and digital interaction, there's a human story waiting to be understood. Within the Perform platform, we bridge the gap between technology and humanity, empowering our clients to connect with their team on a deeper, more meaningful level. By valuing human connection, we enable the leaders we work with to not just analyse behaviour but to truly understand and engage with the people who drive their business’s success.

Inspire and be inspired

We are committed to being thought leaders and change-makers when it comes to understanding human behaviour. By embracing this value, we aim to inspire everyone that works with us to explore endless possibilities in harnessing the power of behaviour, fostering a culture of inspiration where innovation and high performance thrives, and where everyone can become an agent of positive change.

Create real results

We don't deal in meaningless statistics; instead, our focus is on generating tangible value and delivering genuine business impact. Within the Perform platform, leaders gain insight and development that delivers a meaningful change in behaviour, performance, and the business bottom line. It's not just about behavioural data and delivering learning; it's about creating true, measurable results that make a real difference.

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We understand

Productivity Drivers.

Decision Making.

Team Dynamics.

Employee Engagement.

The Products we have created

By Duo Global

We grow your leaders, to grow your business.

A new era of leadership, where leadership development meets behavioural insight, meets team performance.
Designed for modern organisations looking for customised leadership platform that drives tangible business results.

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The only planner that merges behavioural insight, tailored specifically to you with a purposeful planning process, that maximises your ability to achieve your goals, and perform at your best, each and every quarter.

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The Elevator Retreat combats the hustle and burnout of scaling by creating a powerful, behaviourally driven, highly-strategic 2 day program that focuses on tangible results.

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