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Although a slight departure from the “day job”, running these retreats is a personal passion of ours. We put them together after using so many of the foundational behavioural techniques we use with clients, across our own lives - both in business, and out.

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Have You Ever Wondered...

Have you ever wondered how you have found yourself in a rut in your life and don’t know how to make the changes needed to move forward?
Have you ever wondered how you can spend so much time at work and still feel like you have so much to do?
Have you ever wondered how to restore confidence and clarity when you are lacking self belief?
Have you ever wondered how to build stronger, closer relationships with the people around you, both in your personal and/or professional life?
Have you ever wondered how to take a more balanced approach to life so you don’t always feel you are chasing your tail?
Well this is an opportunity to take some time out for yourself away from work, home, family and your own thoughts and look at addressing some of the things outlined above and below. It is also a chance to share and learn from other women from different backgrounds who are all dealing with their own challenges.

Who Are Our Workshops For?

The woman who is struggling to make meaningful connections with her team, her customers, or at home and looking to be more connected with the people in her life.

The woman who always feels she’s running behind, doing a juggling act, constantly on a hamster wheel and wants to restore the balance.

The woman who needs to prioritise herself, giving so much she often forgets about herself and needs to re-prioritise to focus on her own growth and development.

The entrepreneur or business woman who is feeling burned out, frustrated by how much she’s working, with a lack of balance, feeling stressed out, tired and in need of a recharge!

The woman who is struggling with change in her life, experiencing a lack of self belief, and looking for an injection of confidence, clarity and motivation!

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Today is a good day –  Following on from International Women’s Day, we thought it was a perfect time to share a little something that is super close to our hearts. For the last two years, we have been working with a remote community in South Africa where two amazing people set up ...

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Latest Retreats Testimonials

  • Louise Ray

    “From someone with very little self belief it was a big deal to come to this event by myself. It was refreshing to see that everyone has some similar issues albeit on a different scale. I came out with plans to readdress various issues in my life.”

  • Emma Ward

    “This workshop has given me new found confidence both professionally and in my personal life – I cannot thank Laura, Sarah and the other women in the room enough!”

  • Sarah O’Mahoney

    “The event was very insightful and provided me with lots of helpful tips for self development.”

  • Ann Hignett

    “A great experience. Fun and tears. Lovely people leaving as friends. Thank you.”

  • Anja Swan

    “Loved every moment. Sarah and Laura are inspiring and the course has really changed my outlook. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice and improve my life!”

  • Susan Clark

    “Great experience to help you deal with every aspect of your personal and work life.”

  • WeiTing Huang

    “A beautiful, relaxed and friendly place to be. I found the retreat to be meaningful and engaging where I felt very comfortable in the surroundings and with the people on the workshop. Having some great conversations with people who really listened made me feel so much better and focus on the positives in my life. Thank you so much for creating this event for all of us.”

  • Sue Maris

    “This started as a great group of women that quickly became great friends to share with. You created an environment for this to happen where we felt safe to explore some difficult situations. Thank you.”

  • Gayatri Wood

    “I really enjoyed the balance of working in pairs and as a larger group on the women’s workshop, with opportunities to both share my experiences and also listen to others. I learnt so much about the behavioural patterns I fall into when I’m stressed and overwhelmed. Seeing how this impacts me and affects my relationships is invaluable and the need to learn to reframe my storytelling. I would love a longer and more in depth follow up to the workshop to delve deeper into the behavioural patterns. This would also make me accountable for the changes I want to make and not feel like I’m doing it on my own.”

  • Dinah Jackson

    “What a remarkable day and a half! I’ve just sat down to read about myself through the eyes of the wonderful women who I’ve had the pleasure to be with, and I want to say a huge thank you. I’ve learnt that I am more confident and happy than I believed I was. I have learned that I have underestimated things in my timeline that have affected me but which I have the power to change. There are infinite possibilities to reflect and act on and I am so looking forward to the journey and embracing the change. A fantastic experience which I thoroughly recommend!”

  • Katy Lamb

    “The workshop had a really good mix of lecture style and group/individual work. For me, the science behind the behaviour types was really interesting and there were a few lightbulb moments relating them back to the people in my life as well as those I work with. Being with like minded women allowed me to appreciate that lots of people go through the same moments of uncertainty and self doubt in their careers and personal life. The environment created by the team nurtured a lovely sense of camaraderie and support throughout. Going back to work after maternity leave, it was what I needed to push me back in the right direction.”