What happens when you scale from 50-500 people?

October 8th, 2019 | By Suzanne Williams, Head of Recruitment Strategy at Duo

Have you heard of Airbnb? OK stupid question.

What you might not have heard about is the scale up challenges that came with growing their team ten fold. With so many of our clients experiencing similar scale up challenges, and the need to increase resource quickly, we thought tyhis might be an interesting one to explore further.

Joe Gebbia, one of Airbnb’s founders, recalls feeling uneasy about the company’s HR blindspots as they grew from 50 employees, to 500. Job interviews weren’t happening on schedule, recruiting was unorganised, strong candidates were being left in limbo – essentially they had lost hold of their candidate experience, and only 50% of candidates who were offered positions said yes (sound familiar at all?!)

The company recognised the need for change, and they embarked on a recruitment transformation, resulting in now more than an 80-90% candidate acceptance rate and a candidate pipeline of 100 times the applicants to job ratio.

Jill Riopelle, Airbnb’s Head of Recruiting, talks about how they re-wrote the playbook in this Presentation and Slideshare