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Prior to establishing Duo, our founder Laura had one recurring thought that shaped the foundations of the recruitment side of our business – for recruitment to really be successful it has to be viewed from a proactive, future focussed approach, vs the reactive nature of most traditional recruitment solutions.

The recruitment industry still to this day is largely based on reactive hiring, high recruitment costs, a lack of transparency and ultimately, an unsustainable solution for growing businesses needing to recruit in line with growth.

How is our recruitment solution different?

1. We give you access to the best talent.

The best people in the market don’t respond to recruitment agency approaches, nor do they trawl the internet for your job advert (especially not in the 2 week timeframe you have before that person who just handed their notice in leaves). Great people have options, and when they have so many options you need to do more than recruit reactively. You have to take the time to build real relationships with them, and show them why a move to your company could be the next step in their career.

2. We make recruitment cost effective & sustainable.

Let’s face it, if you’re using agencies to fill your job roles, that isn’t going to be sustainable once you really hit growth mode and need to hire more than a few people a year – unless you’re happy to be spending six figures on recruitment costs each year of course! All of our recruitment solutions have saved our clients a minimum of 50% on their recruitment costs.

3. We help predict success prior to hire.

Recruitment can be hit and miss, and most people at some point have recruited the wrong fit, even when they seemed so perfect at interview. We use behavioural prediction tools to predict how someone will behave once they are in your business, allowing you to see through even the best sales people at interview.


4. We provide transparency so you can align your recruitment with your growth.

We help you build recruitment pipelines that give you a view of the people in the market, and align that with an internal succession plan that can then be used to support business development of new projects and make sure any you win, can be staffed with the right people, quickly and efficiently.

How do we work?

You have a couple of options when working with us on a recruitment project…

1. Recruitment Strategy

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2. Outsourced Talent Mapping

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If you’re interested in learning more about how we may be able to work with you, we have a free recruitment pipeline model we can share with you.

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