How is your HR team valued in your business?

April 16th, 2019 | By Suzanne Williams, Head of Recruitment Strategy at Duo

Already three months into the year and 2019 is shaping up to be quite a challenge for HR with increasing pressure to get the right people into leadership and management roles. It is widely acknowledged that the most significant differentiator of business success lies in the quality of leaders and managers. So with such an important role to bring the right people in at a senior level, how is your HR team valued within your business?

Strategic Partner v Policy Maker

For your HR team to perform at its optimum you really should see them as an internal strategic partner that will, when utilised well, accelerate business growth. From working with many clients in an outsourced HR and recruitment capacity and also as an internal partner, the best results really do come when HR is viewed as much more than a bunch of policies and procedures.

The most successful companies fully integrate HR into their businesses and reserve a place for them on the leadership team. Take a look at these 4 ways you can maximise the impact of your HR team in your business and see how you stack up!

  1. Your HR leaders need to understand your key business goals – you can’t expect your HR activities to contribute to your business growth if the team don’t understand how your business plans to grow and succeed. With this knowledge they can recruit, develop and retain the people you need in order to grow your business.
  2. You need to involve HR at a strategic level from managing your culture, navigating change, and impacting business growth to designing your company infrastructure. The behaviour of your employees needs to be aligned with your business strategy.
  3. Your HR leaders need to be given the opportunity to build their own credibility and develop personal relationships based on trust. They must be strong communicators and able to negotiate and influence at all levels with internal stakeholders. Is your head of HR influential at the top level of your business?
  4. As HR has a range of different functions you will need different types of people with different sets of skills. The person who manages your HR function policies, procedures and processes will need to be strong, experienced and procedure driven whereas your recruitment manager will need to be able to juggle constant fast balls from changing internal demands and external candidate needs. Your strategic HR leaders will need to be visionaries with the ability to see the big picture and the people responsible for coordinating HR process on a day to day basis need to be more detailed implementers. What happens in your business? Are different people responsible for different parts of your HR function?    

Your HR team can only achieve success in selecting and promoting the right people in your business by you placing high importance on their role and the function as a whole. This takes courage from you as a business, and the individuals themselves, to elevate their position and enable them to be fully integrated in your business and effective in their roles. 2019 will certainly be a challenging year but has the potential to be an exciting one with the right people, in the right roles to lead your business forward over the next decade and beyond.

By Suzanne Williams, Head of Recruitment Strategy, DUO

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