Women’s Leadership Programme with Duo Elevate Your Leadership Impact


Who should attend: Professional women who are either running their own business, in a senior management position within a growing company, or working at board level, who are looking to elevate their leadership impact.

Price: £2450 + VAT per person (or 2 staged payments £1300 + VAT)

Schedule: Monthly 1 day sessions (9am-4pm) from January – June 2020

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Hawthorn Square, Forth St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3SA

This programme is designed to equip influential business women with the tools they need to elevate their leadership impact and create lasting personal and professional change.

We will provide key insight into the thinking, beliefs and behaviours of successful women leaders and the real challenges that can occur in a constantly changing business environment. This programme will equip you with new techniques from finding balance & focus in the day to day chaos, to how to better influence & impact key stakeholders, to ultimately driving your transition into a greater leadership role within your organisation.

This programme is designed to encourage, inspire and unlock some of the barriers that women may face when in leadership positions. We will help you develop a complete leadership toolkit including creating an authentic personal leadership style; articulation of a clear & inspiring vision for the future; and provide you with the opportunity to experiment with new leadership ideas & approaches.

Your learning journey will be delivered within an individually selected peer group of up to 10 other influential women business leaders, ensuring that you have the most impactful experience. The programme will be a blend of 1-2-1 delivery, breakout sessions, peer round table discussions, group coaching and online support.

You will not only leave with new ideas, skills, confidence, and fresh perspectives to elevate your ceiling for growth, but also a trusted group of peers that will continue to support you in adding more value to your company and cascading the benefits of enhanced leadership capabilities across your organisation.


  • Six full days of delivery with live troubleshooting & peer roundtable sessions
  • A complete toolkit & set of resources to integrate into your business in between sessions
  • An individual behavioural map, our signature tool based on metaprograms that outlines working strengths and development areas
  • An individual 1-2-1 coaching session with either Sarah or Laura, both who are qualified behavioural change coaches
  • Lunches on delivery days and a wrap up dinner with the group


Our signature programme will help women leaders build an expanded leadership toolkit that impacts both you and your organisation. Key takeaways will include:

  • Enhanced communication & influencing skills that support you in inspiring others, securing respect and impactfully influencing key stakeholders
  • Development of an authentic leadership style that helps you create followers and lead with purpose, especially during times of change or uncertainty
  • Insight that elevates self belief and confidence with self reflection into your own ability for growth and transformation
  • Tools to develop the mindset needed to manage multiple identities, restore balance, and excel in all key areas of your life
  • A better understanding into both your own motivations, and those of your team and key stakeholders to elevate your relationships & influence
  • Creation of a personal growth plan with actionable steps for ongoing development and increased impact, both in your role, and overall as a leader
  • An established peer group of other women business leaders to act as ongoing mentors, role models and sounding boards

As an organisation we know it is important to look at the ROI of any training investment, our programme provides a number of key takeaways not just for women leaders attendings, but also for their organisations, including:

  • Enhanced performance of your executive team through more diversity with experienced female leaders
  • The opportunity to invest and develop high potential female leaders for growth in your business
  • Creation of key female role models and mentors for your future aspiring female leaders
  • Accelerate career development and foster opportunities for women to strengthen their skills and increase their corporate exposure
  • Increase the effectiveness of current female leaders to maximize their impact.
  • Build a gender-balanced workforce, tapping the full potential of women in support of business success

“Loved every moment. Sarah and Laura are so inspiring and the program has really changed my outlook. I can’t wait to put what i’ve learned into practice..”
“So often women in leadership roles can be seen as bossy when men are just seen as ambitious, it was really useful to explore ways to elevate influence while still remaining authentic to myself.”
“From someone with some challenges with self belief, it was refreshing to see that everyone has some similar issues, albeit on a different scale, and learn techniques to elevate my own self development.”
“Amazing things happen when you put together a group of smart women and give them the right environment to develop & share ideas.”

Laura Weaving – Laura is the Founder and Managing Director of Duo, and has an extensive background in organisational culture, recruitment, people and HR strategy for growth focussed businesses. Prior to establishing Duo, Laura set up and managed several other high growth international businesses, providing her with key experience in navigating the ever changing complexities of diverse organisational landscapes.

In addition to leading the vision and growth strategy for Duo, and delivering strategic insight for Duo’s clients, Laura also holds a number of external positions within other high growth businesses, steering groups and boards, giving her a well rounded view of the people challenges, and solutions, needed for high growth businesses to be successful.

Laura Mobile: 07739632387 

Email: laura@www.duoglobalconsulting.com  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauraweavingduo/

Sarah Callender – Sarah is the Commercial Director of Duo, driving the commercial strategy both internally, and externally with clients. Sarah’s wealth of business knowledge perfectly places her to work with growth focussed businesses on leading and navigating strategic change. Sarah’s previous experience includes co-founding a number of technology businesses – focussing on taking new products & services to market, managing collaborative projects and leading on investment decisions. Add to this, her previous experience as a business adviser working with SMEs across a wide range of sectors, and her current external positions on a number of steering groups and boards, she has detailed and ongoing insight into the challenges high growth businesses face.

Sarah Mobile: 07803629493

Email:  sarah@www.duoglobalconsulting.com 

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahcallender/

Both Laura & Sarah are qualified performance & behavioural change coaches, and this, alongside experience and a passion for working with women business leaders, led them to create a specific program aimed at women looking to elevate in their leadership roles.