Duo’s Future Leaders Programme Emerging Leaders Transformation


Who should attend: High performing professionals who have been identified as a potential future leader, or recently promoted into a management role, who are looking to develop the core skill set needed to be a successful leader.

Price: £1750 + VAT per person (or 2 staged payments £950 + VAT) 

Schedule: Monthly 1 day sessions (9am-4pm) from January – June 2020

Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne, Venue TBC  


This programme is designed to offer growing businesses the opportunity to develop the leadership mindset, behaviours and skills of high performing individuals, either after a recent move into a management role, or ahead of a move in the near future. 

We will provide support with key challenges that often occur following a transition from peer level to leader, including a step change in mindset, through to practical tools for having difficult conversations, delegating & prioritising, and elevating team performance. 

This programme will provide a fundamental management toolkit that transforms your future leaders from individual contributors to high performing managers, and enables them to get the best from their teams or departments. 

We will support the development of your future leaders across a range of essential skills including exploration of their own authentic management style; insight into building effective & collaborative relationships; how to communicate with clarity; the ability to drive consistent accountability; and teach them essential problem solving skills to quickly and efficiently solve issues & challenges. 

Your future leaders’ learning experience will be delivered within an individually selected peer group of up to 12 other future business leaders, ensuring that they have the most impactful experience. The programme will be a blend of 1-2-1 delivery, breakout sessions, peer round table discussions, group coaching and online support. 

Your future leaders’ will not only leave with new ideas, skills & confidence, to drive performance in their elevated role, but also with a practical toolkit of resources to implement into your business, adding more value to your company and cascading the associated benefits across your organisation.


Our Future Leaders programme will help individuals build a leadership toolkit that will benefit both their own personal development and positively influence wider management practices within your business. Key elements included: 

  • Six full days of delivery with live troubleshooting & peer roundtable sessions, with lunch provided
  • A complete management toolkit & set of resources to integrate into the wider business in between sessions
  • An individual behavioural map, our signature tool based on metaprograms that outlines working strengths and development areas
  • A personal growth plan with actionable steps for ongoing development and increased impact
  • An action plan with outline of key challenges bespoke to your business and team for maximum impact as a new leader
  • Real insight into key management impact areas including how to drive positive change, the ability to deal with difficult conversations & manage conflict, how to influence key stakeholders at all levels, and insight into driving high performing teams. 
  • Key mindset work to elevate their ceiling for growth and development of their management style
  • An established peer group of other future leaders to act as ongoing mentors, role models & sounding boards


As an organisation we know it is important to look at the ROI of any training investment, our future leaders programme provides a number of key takeaways, not only for the individual, but also for your business, including: 

  • A structured training opportunity for recently promoted, or anticipated, future leaders, to provide them with the essential toolkit of a successful manager.
  • The ability to accelerate the development of your high performing team members.
  • Associated value from key management tools & resources that will be introduced during the programme that can benefit the management practices of your whole business.
  • The ability to build a qualified pipeline of future leaders, decreasing the risk of promoting inexperienced managers or leaders in the future.
  • Increasing the success of promoted managers so that they can maximise impact from the outset.


“What an eye-opener to how you own attitudes and behaviour can impact interactions with other members of the team, or even just influence your interpretation of them. I learned so much about optimising team dynamics, and also plenty about myself. The delivery was high-energy, interactive approach which kept everyone fully engaged; really enjoyable, can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“Extremely insightful programme that made you really look at yourself and be able to understand others in your team. Both Sarah and Laura were extremely engaging and made you feel completely at ease when you needed to be honest about yourself.”

“After attending, my approach to staff training, one-to-one (and even our office layout) has been transformed. Sarah and Laura have given so much insight into team dynamics and from a few tweaks we are seeing our team already working closer and more productively. Highly recommend everything Duo is about!” 


Laura Weaving  – Laura is the Founder and Managing Director of Duo, and has an extensive background in organisational culture, recruitment, people and HR strategy for growth focussed businesses. Prior to establishing Duo, Laura set up and managed several other high growth international businesses, providing her with key experience in navigating the ever changing complexities of diverse organisational landscapes. 

In addition to leading the vision and growth strategy for Duo, and delivering strategic insight for Duo’s clients, Laura also holds a number of external positions within other high growth businesses, steering groups and boards, giving her a well rounded view of the people challenges, and solutions, needed for high growth businesses to be successful.

Laura Mobile: 07739632387  Email: laura@www.duoglobalconsulting.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauraweavingduo/

Sarah Callender Sarah is the Commercial Director of Duo, driving the commercial strategy both internally, and externally with clients. Sarah’s wealth of business knowledge perfectly places her to work with growth focussed businesses on leading and navigating strategic change. Sarah’s previous experience includes co-founding a number of technology businesses – focussing on taking new products & services to market, managing collaborative projects and leading on investment decisions. Add to this, her previous experience as a business adviser working with SMEs across a wide range of sectors, and her current external positions on a number of steering groups and boards, she has detailed and ongoing insight the challenges high growth businesses face.

Sarah Mobile: 07803629493 Email:  sarah@www.duoglobalconsulting.com LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahcallender/