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All of the behaviour in your business should be purposeful, and completely aligned with achieving your strategic goals. Influencing this behaviour, we help growing businesses drive impactful culture change that increases performance and productivity.

We support our clients with a wide range of consultancy offerings, below are just some of our core services:

Vision & Values Integration

Have you defined the vision for your company and the values that drive the behaviours needed to execute that vision? We work with our clients to implement a Vision Organiser tool that fully defines the future vision for the company, and breaks this down into actionable strategies for both the leadership team and wider business. We also deliver company wide sessions to really uncover your true company values and the related behaviours needed for your business to be successful. Finally, once all of this has been developed, we integrate our unique culture club model that drives your vision and values day to day, at all levels.

Change Management

Do you have a successful way to manage change in your business? The reason most change management incentives fail is they come from the standpoint of assuming that change can be managed and that by changing structural or strategic aspects that people will get on board with the change. Change isn’t sustainable without individual people changing their thinking, beliefs or behaviour. To really drive change you need to change behaviour. To change behaviour you need to understand how individuals are motivated. We use behavioural change management to understand how people are motivated, to then motivate them to change their behaviour that results in sustained change.

Accountability Structure

Do you have clear lines of accountability across your business and simple, impactful ways to drive accountability day to day? Using an accountability chart, we map out the lines of accountability, roles and responsibilities across the whole business, providing clarity of structure and organisation. Following this, we integrate an easy to manage accountability process with both management, and at peer levels, to ensure that accountability and the related higher levels of performance is a key part of your culture.

Career & Skill Mapping

Do you have a transparent way to communicate the career paths in your business and the skills and behaviours needed to be successful at each level? We work with our clients to map out the different career paths in your business, driving ownership across your own team for their own development and progression.

Performance Coaching

Do you have a method for coaching high performance across your whole team? We work with different layers of our clients’ business from executive and leadership teams, to management, through to all levels of team members. This will optimise the behaviour and motivations of each person and group, and create a roadmap that influences higher levels of productivity and performance.

Our change management work includes working directly with your team, alongside creating a bespoke “change success” roadmap for your business. This can be used to successfully execute changes, from large change like mergers and acquisitions, through to more day to day change in teams and business operations.

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