The Objectives:

Trend Bible were looking to define a more robust recruitment process that forecasted job vacancies ahead of time, and allowed them to more accurately predict how successful potential candidates would be prior to hiring.

They needed the recruitment process to uncover both value fit with the Trend Bible culture, and behavioural fit with each role, to ensure both successful integration into the business and execution of the role.

The Solution:

Duo first worked with Trend Bible in aligning future resource needs with their predicted business growth, supporting them to create a forward recruitment plan.

We then designed bespoke recruitment processes for each of the predicted roles, designing both job profiles and talent personas that resonated with Trend Bible’s ideal candidates.

Following the talent attraction process, we integrated behavioural techniques into Trend Bible’s interviewing process to ensure not only the right skill and knowledge fit, but the right culture and behavioural fit for every recruited candidate.

The Measures of Success:

  • Quicker “need” to “hire” conversion times due to planned hiring in line with business growth
  • Attraction of higher quality candidates
  • More confidence in the screening process due to enhanced attraction and interviewing techniques
  • Increased success rate of hires