Imagine if you had insight into the behaviours behind your biggest challenges...


The Duo Behavioural Map

We believe that culture is so much more than cool offices and free coffee, but is underpinned by the behaviours you drive day to day with your team, and the behaviours a person needs to be successful within your business. If you ever want to measure your culture - look no further than the dominant behaviours that appear in your business - behaviour is, in essence, your culture breathing.

Having undertaken significant training in behavioural change management, underpinned by meta programs, we developed our signature behavioural mapping tool. Meta Programs are mental habits for editing, sorting and processing sensory data that we are consciously unaware of and evolved as a model for understanding, predicting and influencing behaviour.

They answer the question...

“How is it possible for somebody to behave in the way they do and how do I communicate with them to create win : win interactions?”

Our signature Behavioural Map measures dominant behavioural patterns across your business to give you insight into how to drive higher levels of performance and productivity. It will ensure that your whole team, both current members, and future, are the right behavioural fit for their role, and the business, in order to perform at the highest level.

Culture Driven Behaviour

These are the behaviours needed to be successful in your company, regardless of role or level. Essentially, the behaviours that need to be in place in order to live your company values every day in every situation. These behaviours give you peace of mind that your team would behave how you would need them to in any situation.

Role Specific Behaviour

Every role will require a certain number of bespoke behaviours, that will differ according to the role someone is performing. I.e. would you really want someone in an accounting position who wasn’t analytical, procedural and detail oriented?

The Company Behavioural Map

This version of our behavioural map, will assess the dominant behavioural patterns that exist across your entire business. By having insight into key behavioural patterns across your business culture you gain insight into why certain things may be more difficult than others to implement, this will include:

From this we then create a roadmap to impact these key behavioural patterns to increase engagement with company wide communications, processes and procedures for increased impact.


The Individual Behavioural Map

In addition to using the behavioural map across your whole business, you can also use this on an individual basis to gain deeper insight into individuals, and their dominant behaviours.

This can be used both with existing team members, to gain insight into how to drive higher levels of performance & engagement, or with potential new hires during your recruitment process to make sure you are recruiting the right fit for both the business, and their role.

We can support you through our recruitment strategy work to define a behavioural “success fit” for both the business, and then each job role, to enable you to behaviourally test all applicants against these profiles. If you recruit someone with the wrong behaviours, even if they have the right skills and knowledge, they won’t ever get to the level of performance you are looking for from them as they will be operating against their areas of natural strength.

To request a free demo of either of our behavioural products, please get in touch.


To request a free demo of either of our behavioural products, please get in touch