Our Ethos & Culture

At Duo our business is founded on being transformational versus transactional. We don’t believe in doing things to just tick a box or implementing purposeless policies and procedures. We focus on transforming our clients’ people strategies across all areas of their business to drive real results. The perfect example of this is at the core of our business, we believe that by understanding behaviour, which is at the root of most challenges and opportunities in your business, you can transform how you do business, how you deliver to your clients, and ultimately how you grow. In essence, we help our clients out-behave their competition.

Our purpose, both internally and with our clients, is to leave a purposeful, lasting impact, with every experience.

This can be in 1-2-1 sessions with executive teams, running employee engagement sessions or during implementation of a new recruitment process. We focus on the experience we are creating for our clients and their people, and how that has a sustainable, positive impact on the growth of their business.

We reach our purpose through living our 3 core values that drive our behaviour every day and result in the outcomes we want for our clients.

Value human connection.

We may use technology to innovate, but will never lose the human touch. We build meaningful partnerships with our clients and become a seamless extension of their business. We are a connected, supportive team.

Inspire and be inspired.

We focus on both inspiring others, and being inspired by others. We solve traditional challenges with creative solutions. We are constantly curious and looking for new inspiration. We are inspired by great companies and seek to inspire great companies. We play to each of our individual strengths, and through this do our best work. We are about something bigger than just ourselves, and leave a firm social footprint.

Create real results.

We create real results. We don’t just focus on statistics or process, we focus on results and create real business impact. We create positive, demonstrable results, every time. We are transparent and focus always on output rather than input. Every employee knows their impact on Duo, and our clients. Every client knows our impact on them, and theirs on us.

The Team

  • Laura Weaving

    Managing Director

    Laura is the founder and Managing Director of Duo, and has an extensive background in organisational culture, recruitment, people and HR strategy for growth focussed businesses.

    Laura established Duo in 2014, launching the business first in the US, quickly followed by an office in the UK. 

    Prior to establishing Duo, Laura set up and managed several other high growth international businesses, providing her with key experience in navigating the ever changing complexities of diverse organisational landscapes. Through the building of high level relationships with SMEs to large corporate clients, she developed a breadth and depth of experience around what attracts and engages high performing people.

    In addition to leading the vision and growth strategy for Duo, and delivering strategic insight for Duo’s clients, Laura also holds a number of external positions within other high growth businesses, steering groups and boards, giving her a well rounded view of the people challenges, and solutions, needed for high growth businesses to be successful.

  • Sarah Callender

    Commercial Director

    Sarah is the Commercial Director of Duo, driving the commercial strategy both internally, and externally with clients. Sarah’s wealth of business knowledge, coupled with her experience as a qualified behavioural change coach, perfectly places her to work with growth focussed businesses on leading and navigating strategic change.

    Alongside her role at Duo, Sarah also leads the vision and growth strategy for an online technology business, strategically growing high level relationships, ensuring delivery of commercial objectives and directing the internal business culture.  

    Sarah’s previous experience includes co-founding a number of technology businesses – focussing on taking new products & services to market, managing collaborative projects and leading on investment decisions. Add to this, her previous experience as a business adviser working with SMEs across a wide range of sectors, and her current external positions on a number of steering groups and boards, she has detailed and ongoing insight the challenges high growth businesses face.

  • Ross Golightly

    Non Executive Director

    Ross is an experienced Growth Strategist who works with ambitious, growth-led companies. He has over 16 years of experience and has held senior Commercial and Strategic roles across the UK, Europe and the Middle East for organisations such as Electrolux and PPG Industries. His firm, Sphera Consulting Ltd, has a broad client portfolio of high-growth businesses. Ross joined the Board at Duo having previously worked with the company during a 2 year growth period.

  • Suzanne Williams

    Head of Recruitment Strategy

    As Head of Recruitment Strategy for Duo, Suzanne works with Duo’s clients on creating recruitment strategies that transform existing recruitment processes and enable clients to recruit more effectively and efficiently to attract higher quality people and predict on the job success. In addition to providing clients with proven recruitment strategies and tools to manage themselves in house, Suzanne also manages Duo’s partnership level relationships to provide a cost effective outsourced recruitment and talent mapping solution. Between clients in the US and the UK, she has a diverse view of the recruitment and talent landscape and key knowledge across a range of roles and industries.

    Before working for Duo, Suzanne provided outsourced business & people support to a diverse set of clients ranging from pharmaceuticals to the creative industry, whilst also having a number of years experience across HR, Business Support and Recruitment, as an in-house specialist support to employees and growth focussed management teams.

  • Carrie

    Talent Support Coordinator

    Carrie joins Duo as their Talent Support Coordinator providing essential support to the Duo team, specifically Duo’s client relationships to provide a cost effective, bespoke outsourced recruitment and talent mapping solution.

    Before joining Duo, Carrie’s background and love of travel saw her working both in the UK and overseas in New Zealand and she has held roles working in industries including hospitality, IT Consultancy and the energy industry.  Her previous experience includes recruitment and HR administration and coordination for high level client accounts, an advisory role to hiring managers, and most recently as the recruitment officer for a well known hospitality brand.