Our ethos is simple...

The key difference between great businesses and average ones is people and their behaviour.

The behaviour of you, your business and your employees is your differentiator. It’s how you do things, not just what you do, that enables you to outperform your competition, or in our words, out-behave them. We work with growing businesses to attract, engage and optimise their people, with behaviour being the golden thread to unlocking higher levels of performance and profit.

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Can another company copy your product or service? Can they copy your behaviour?

Yes. Can they copy the way your people behave in your business? Not as easily.

All of the behaviour in your business should be purposeful, and completely aligned with achieving your strategic goals. We help growing businesses drive impactful culture change that increases performance and productivity.

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Is your recruitment process bigger than just a bum on a seat?

An effective recruitment strategy is everything from increasing visibility of your employer brand and building talent pipelines ahead of recruitment needs; through to robust screening processes and onboarding that accelerates integration and productivity.

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DUO Training

Have you ever had training that made a lasting impact across the whole business?

Impactful training is less focussed on theory and models, and more around transferring knowledge that will impact the way someone behaves in the long term. Where a lot of training creates a short lived piece of learning that rarely drives a change, all of our training is focussed on real knowledge transfer and behavioural change, enabling us to transform the way people work in a sustained way.

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DUO Behavioural Map

Have you ever noticed behaviour is the root cause of most problems?

Behaviour runs through your whole business - from helping you recruit the right person for the right role, to elevating your customer experience and accelerating business change. Our behavioural assessment tool measures dominant behavioural patterns to give you insight into driving higher levels of performance, and ensure that your team members, both current and future, are the right fit to help your business grow.

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